“… a page on Facebook is not an acceptable alternative to a professional website”.

Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Business Development

We (BLD BTR) build better websites, digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We prove it with data and analytics from professional tools and trusted Internet monitoring sources!

If you want to rule your local web you hire a spider!

Mark Derho and the BLD BTR team of cost-effective international hi-tech talent is now available in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Too many local websites aren’t Responsive or SEO-Optimized.

There are many measurable differences between a professional website and a website that does not comply to professional standards. And a shocking number of local businesses don’t even have a basic informational website.

It’s rare to see a local business adhering to modern professional website design standards here in Puerto Rico. Sites are not secured and have no SSL. Few sites meet “Responsive and Adaptive” standards, and therefore are unusable on cell phones. These websites load slow and are outdated and not maintained.

And that’s not even taking organic SEO or Google’s mobile-first Webmaster website standards into consideration. Do you know that we can easily measure and track this information with professional tools.

Small businesses demand a return on investment and results they can understand....

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Mark Derho animated Website and Marketing Puerto Rico

“Losing money with no measurable result is a small business killer.  Small businesses don’t have a ‘budget that must be spent’. They’ll invest into themselves but they expect an actual result that they can understand. If they spend money on marketing with no result, they will usually stop trying.” 

– Mark Derho 

9 Website Must-Have’s for Small Business Success on the Internet and in the World

We strongly suggest that businesses owners in Puerto Rico commit to building better websites and digital marketing strategiesEmbrace technology and take a confident step forward by partnering with an experienced and proven professional team that will compete for you and your business.

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BLD BTR Headquarters

18 Calle Marseilles, Condado

1,100 sq. ft. modern space located in the heart of Condado.

Enjoy the animated explainer video...


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Custom Animated Explainer Videos for Business

BLD BTR creates awesome custom animated videos for business and marketing with original characters, audio voice-over and background music and sounds. Concepts Exploration, Explainer Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos & more.

Custom-made Animated Explainer Video allows your business to communicate any message creatively with professional video.

Custom-made Animated Explainer Video can be an essential creative tool for creating sharable content that drives positive business outcomes and informs viewers.