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Professional Small Business Website Design & SEO

We build lean and fast professional mobile 1st websites that engage and inform users through relevant written content and modern video and graphic design, while also organically speaking to the mighty Google in the language of SEO.  

Technical Training and Website & Team Support

Our sites are open source, the world’s most-popular and powerful web CMS, (2/3 of top 1-million websites). We can teach you  to update your own website content. We lead impementing technology platforms and tools to automate the business and increase productivity.  

Digital Marketing & Technology Leadership

You’ve built a modern and informative website that can be found organically on Google, but what’s next? The most amazing technologies and marketing tools to grow businesses exist right now. We’re knowledgeable and here for professional advice and to provide relevant services.

Professional Talent & Proven Small Business Success

Owner-Operator Mark Derho began working as a professional website designer for an Internet start-up in 1993. After 15-years of grinding for trendy start-ups, flashy agencies, and big businesses, he launched TECH SAVVY NYC (2010) to stellar performance resulting in high-recommendations from clients.  

I'm ready to have a conversation.

That’s great. You can contact us directly by phone at: (939) 333-2166 or (718) 809-0034 or by email at: You can expect a converation about your business with a proven web technologies and business growth professional.

I'd like to learn more about website strategies.

Terrific. The Grow Your Small Business Blog features knowledgeable original content and curated information to empower small business owners and readers. Review client work/websites and our business proposition and perspective.

Client Case Studies

Many small businesses in Puerto Rico, so few modern professional websites.

There are far to many local businesses that don’t even have a basic website. A page on Facebook is not a website alternative. Every small business wants and likely needs a digital marketing agency. Unfortunately a majority of small business owners do not have the prerequisite knowledge to discern the differences between vendors and platforms and strategies, or to quantify price and measure value.   

There are many measurable differences between a professional website and a website that does not comply to professional industry standards. Too many of our neighboring Puerto Rico businesses are on the wrong-side of this equation. These websites routinely fall short of these listed standards and many others. 

  • do not show up on Google
  • are not secured (SSL)
  • are outdated and not maintained
  • do not meet mobile 1st standards
  • load far too slow


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Digital Marketing Agency in Puerto Rico Mark Derho

9 Website Must-Have's for Small Business Success on the Internet

We believe it’s time for more local small businesses owners to embrace technology and take a confident step forward by partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency that will compete for you and your business. Read more on the Grow Your Business Blog.

We Create Custom Animated Explainer Videos

BLD BTR creates awesome custom animated videos for business and marketing with original characters, audio voice-over and background music and sounds. Concepts Exploration, Explainer Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos & more. Custom-made Animated Explainer Video allows your business to communicate any message creatively with professional video. Custom-made Animated Explainer Video can be an essential creative tool for creating sharable content that drives positive business outcomes and informs viewers.
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