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About BLD BTR, “Big Agency Services for Small Business Marketing

Owned and managed by Mark Derho, the BLD BTR team constitutes an uber-talented and obsessively competitive small business marketing agency providing digital and creative services.

“Big Agency Services for Small Businesses” means modern relevant skills and talent acquired cost-effectively and at scale.

BLD BTR is a website design company and digital marketing agency for small businesses that need big results. We feature local and remote talent.

Ten successful years of Small Business Marketing as a digital agency in New York City.

Trust, Truth, Tenacity & Talent.​


So, who can you trust to help you grow your business? We think you should talk to us (and our past and current clients) about that ASAP. 


Meet and speak to me and you will understand that I am a pro and competitor and a winner. Team BLD BTR and I refuse to fail and we don’t make excuses


I’m Mark Derho, the party responsible for everything we do.  I’ll explain the technologies and costs clearly, and speak the simple truth


Team BLD BTR works remotely an possesses technical and creative talents and skills that are highly in-demand. But, they charge me the friend rate.

Digital Marketing Agency in Puerto Rico Mark Derho



When you contact BLD BTR you will have an opportunity to speak directly with me, the owner of this website design company and the person that is 100% responsible for the results and the ROI.

I personally lead all projects.

The office is located in Condado (Metro) San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Have a discussion with an elite Internet professional about growing your small business.


  • (718) 809-0034
  • markderho@gmail.com
  • (787) 497-0007

“ If you are looking for a reliable, hands on web developer who actually cares about his clients at a very reasonable rate, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mark Derho.”


30-second introduction video

Leader that also Does Work

We're a lean business. No one gets paid that does not do the actual client work. There is only one manager and decision-maker, (me) Mark Derho.

PHP, HTML & CSS Developers

Website development can be grossly expensive to purchase, and nearly impossible to understand and measure without experience. We'll help.

Graphics & Designers

Our team has the proven ability to creatively communicate and advocate with images, video and audio. This is critical to marketing and story-telling.

Google Partner & Webmaster

Mark Derho was certified by the original Google Engage for Agencies program and remains an active motivated Google Partner.

Content & Story-Tellers

Our core team of cutting-edge autodidactic developers are passionate about disruptive technologies that provide value.

Technology Developers

My work friends are talented techology professionals. I have the priveledge of leading a remote team of diverse and talented people.

Cost-effectively engage talented experts at industry-insider rates.


How can I cost-effectively access top technology and creative talent to help GROW My Small Business?

BLD BTR is a small business agency that serves ONLY small businesses. Your small business can cost-effectively access highly-skilled talent at industry-insider rates. BLD BTR small business digital marketing agency is an extension of Mark Derho’s professional network which has been developed and nurtured over 10-years in New York City. 


How can BLD BTR compete against bigger website companies and marketing agency with more employees?

Quite effectively. By implementing our LEAN adaptive business model, we save clients money while delivering often stellar results. Our core website/software development team consists of highly-skilled professionals that are also self-employeed CONTRACTORS working remotely from New York, Ukraine, Ireland, and Pakistan. It is these personal-professional relationships allow us to reduce costs to clients, scale immediatey, and meet extraordinary needs as they arise. 


Do you have a local team here in Puerto Rico?c

Yes, our local team in San Juan, PR consists of web producers, translators, and community managers. We hope to grow enough as a business to require hiring and training full-time local employees.  


Do you have reccommendations and examples of your work for clients easily available?

Yes, See our portfolio of case studies. The client portfolio section of this website was designed to display and feature live websites and client recommendations, in addition to in-depth case studies. You can also connect-with, and find recommendations for Mark Derho on LinkedIn.


Where are you located in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Our office and retail business space is located at *18 Calle Marseilles in San Juan, Puerto Rico, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Condado Lagoon, near Ashford Avenue. I’ve idealistically named the location the Condado Tourism & Technology Center. And, we have parking.

*Note: At the corner of Cll Marseilles and Cll Delcasse, off of Ashford Ave.


What is your company policy regarding community interaction, diversity and inclusion?

As the owner and sole decision-maker for both BLD BTR and BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO, I can personally assure all clients, team-members, and any potential business partners that discrimination will never be tolerated.     


How does your company engage and interact with the community?

BIKE RENT PUERT RICO has belonged to the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association (PRHTA) since 2019. In order to stay informed, I engage as much as possible with Discover Puerto Rico (DMO) and Invest PR (EDO). Personally we’ve already enjoyed participating actively in local community events like the San Sebastian Festival.