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BLD BTR Case Study Winter Pride Fest 2019 San Juan PR


Website Development & Marketing



WINTER PRIDE FEST is more than a 4 day party, it’s the only Winter PRIDE celebrated in the Always Summer Tropical paradise of Puerto Rico. A celebration to bring people out of the cold, and into the warmth of inclusivity, equality, diversity, love and uniqueness.

In 2019 you had the opportunity to meet and watch special performances by two RuPaul Drag Race Superstars, watch a POSE style NY ball live, enjoy a summer style pool party, take a tour on a Catamaran or explore the rain forest, and a enjoy Sunday Burlesque “Bottomless” Brunch.

We’re excited for next year in December of 2020!

winter pride fest case stdy bld btr mark derho

1. Technical Development
2. Marketing Support

BLD BTR had the oppportunity to support the WINTER PRIDE FEST management and design team by immediately fixing persistent technical development and PHP and database issues with the WordPress website.

We also offered media and marketing direction and support before the event, which had been acknowledged as immediately helpful and important for future event sponsored by WINTER PRIDE FEST.

Mark Derho and all of the BLD BTR crew are excited to work together with diverse clients and communities, and particularly happy working with the terrific and talented WPF 2020 team this year.




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Case Studies

BLD BTR Case Study Vitek CCTV Security


Website Rebuild & Training



In 1999, VITEK began providing the highest quality surveillance products possible to the security marketplace, and from a 2000 sq. ft. warehouse in Sun Valley California.

Today, they have three warehouse buildings including a state-of-the- art training facility in Valencia California. VITEK Industrial Video Products, Incorporated features over 1000 products covering a full range of CCTV solutions.

BLD BTR is the “agency of record” for VITEK


1. Control website
2. Redesign site mobile 1st
3. Train staff to update site

VITEK’s +1000 product B2B catalog website was rebuilt as templates, and implementing via a modern and customized CMS ( VITEK now maintains complete control of the website, domain and hosting.

The new Responsive and Adaptive website and design reflected the historical site in same basic page structure and color. Upgrades includes design, function and form, including, a blog for organic SEO, and Contact Pages for individual Factory Reps.

After the core website pages and the representation of products in posts was designed, the VITEK CCTV team was trained to add and update thier own products and make alterations to the site as needed.

Mark Derho reccomendation aran darling vitek cctv ivp

Mark built us a quality WordPress site, and delivered it on time and ready-to-go. He provided ample instruction for us to get started as first time WordPress users, with the objective of managing and updating the site in-house. Mark is a fun and light hearted person to work with, takes projects seriously, and demonstrated a great deal of patience during some of the delays that were coming from our previous hosting company. So far he has been always available for questions and follow-ups when needed, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Aran Darling




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Case Studies

BLD BTR Case Study 212 Photo Booth


How to grow a photo booth business, website & marketing


212 PHOTO BOOTH in New York City provided premium photo booth rental services at nearly 1000 events in 2019.

212 PHOTO BOOTH was established in 1998, and earned a reputation as a high-quality provider of photo booth activations for private parties, weddings, and religious  celebrations.

Starting in Dec. of 2017, BLD BTR (aka Mark Derho) and ownership determined a website rebuild and rebrand combined with an ongoing organic search marketing was required.

Three (3) primary goals were identified.


1. Increase leads
2. Increase % of corporate clients vs kid's parties
3. Integrate new technology

1. Website leads were increased from 320 prospects in 2017, to nearly 1000 in 2019.

2. Percentage (%) of corporate clients have increased from approximately 15% of total in 2017, to 60% of the total in 2019.

3. 212 PHOTO BOOTH has integrated new website platforms for service and booking, introduced new SELFIE STATIONS to clients, and integrated Google Ads and email marketing campaigns succcessfully.

212 photo booth case study bld btr

We’ve been working with Mark and his team since the end of 2018, and we’re very happy with the results. Our websites create more many leads, and we close more deals. Corpoate clients are our fastest growing client base, which is a big change that only happened over the last couple of years. He’s also helped our staff use the website as a business tool, which has increased productivity, and grown our rankings on Google. At the 2020 Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas we showed-off the website, it was ranked #1 on Google for the critical keywords: “mirror photo booth rental“. 

Ilya Erlikh




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Case Studies



Growth Hacking & Websites

Case Study

How did Mark Derho & team grow a NYC business exponentially and fearlessly dominate NYC's $15M annual bike rental industry?

  • Major Financial Highlights
  • Exciting Technology & Creative Highlights
  • Astounding Operational Highlights
  • Amazing Marketing Highlights

Mark Derho (aka) TECH SAVVY NYC served as BIKE RENT NYC’s Technology, Marketing & Operations Executive Consultant, and Agency of Record from January 2015 to October 2018.

BIKE RENT NYC's Mark Derho
Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr.
Sponsoring Tour de Bronx Bike Ride in 2017.

MARK DERHO is an Executive Consultant and Technology, Marketing & Operations GURU




  • Won $60M / 6-Year Central Park bike rental contract.
  • Year 01, + 2X Revenue 2015
  • Year 02, + 3X Revenue 2016
  • Year 03, 10x Total Starting Revenue

Exclusive RFP Winner Central Park, NYC.

Won the 6-year, $60M contract with NYC Parks & the City of New York for bike rental inside Central Park and all Manhattan parks.

YEAR 01.
2x Revenue from 2014 to 2015

More than doubled annual revenue from $1.2M to +$2.6M, from previuos total in 2014 thru first full-year 2015.

YEAR 02.
3x Revenue From 2015 To 2016

From year 2 to year 3, we more than tripled annual revenue (+310%) from $2.6 to nearly $10M,  and after winning the high-profile Central Park Bike Rental RFP.

EOY 03.
10X Total growth 2015-2018

The business had generated $1.2M in 2014 before I/we arrived. Upon leaving in 2018, BRNYC was projected to close 2018 with +$10M in gross revenue.
BIKE RENT NYC's Mark Derho being interviewed on Telemundo in Central Park NYC 2018

Mark Derho

BIKE RENT NYC’s Mark Derho / Platinum Sponsor at New York City Police Athletic League Fundraiser (PAL) event. Former Speaker of the House, the Honorable Peter J. Vallone Sr. was in attendance as our lobbyist and my friend and guest. 

Mark Derho and Peter Vallone Sr.



  • Best websites in the industry.
  • #1 SERP ranking on Google.
  • POS software development.
  • IoT software development.

Websites and #1 SEO rank on GOOGLE

Built and maintained a network of SEO-optimized websites earning Google’s #1 local SERP ranking. 

POS System
& ecommerce websites

Designed/developed and managed a custom bike rental system software system for point-of-sale (POS) and scheduling, with website integration.

multi-variate ecommerce system

Designed and developed the only multi-variate single-page checkout ecommerce page-process in the bike rental industry.

IoT time & tracking system

Designed and developed and managed an IoT-based time management system for employee, with text notifications and reporting.

Mark Derho

BIKE RENT NYC’s Mark Derho / Platinum Sponsor at New York City Police Athletic League Fundraiser (PAL) event. The event featured Tony Danza in an acting engagement supporting PAL kids programs. 

mark derho and tony danza



  • Formed strategic tourism industry partnerships.
  • Provided bicycles to manor charity bike rides in NYC
  • Conceived of use, and implemented J1 Visa program.
  • Created and ran Hotel Concierge Coupon Program.

Strategic NYC Tourism Partnerships

Created strategic partnerships with major NYC attractions including New York Pass, Big Bus, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Guggenheim Museum, the Air & Space Museum, and more. 

NYC Bicycle Provider to Charity Rides

Formed professional relationships to lead becoming the official bike providers for MS Ride (2015-2017), Tour de Bronx (2016-2017), Brooklyn Greenway’s Epic Ride (2015-2017), Panorama (2015-2017) on Randall’s Island, etc.

JI Irish Exchange Student Workers

In order to meet our in creased staffing demands for temporary summer workers, I started the first J1 Visa Student Worker program inside Central Park.

Putting Hotel Concierge's to Work

Created the Hotel Concierge Coupon Program, driving business from hotels through on-site conmpensation of concierges. 




  • Management of Central Park’s day-to-day, staff, & security.
  • Public face of the business for press and government.  Managed (+100)  J1 Visa program summer workers. 
  • Implemented and managed NYPD Paid Detail program.

Managed Day-to Day Operations

As a VP-level executive consultant, I managed the the businesses day-to-day, police interactions, staff safety and productivity, and security operations. 

Public Face of the Company

Provided leadership in public, in the press, with local and state government, and led all business operations as the public face of the business. Managed lobbyists Constantinople & Vallone  and press release (PR) partners. 

Managed all Exchange Student Workers

Managed +100 J1 Visa Student Worker annually inside in Central Park and Columbus Circle.  Including staffing, training,  security and team safety. 

Managed NYPD Paid Detail program

Began, led and managed the NYPD Paid Detail Program for BIKE RENT NYC inside Central Park. We hired off-duty police officers for our security & safety while working in Central Park.

Mark Derho launches new bike rental kiosks inside Central Park.

came to Sayat Bike Rental to build two websites in 2015, and I left in October of 2018 after exponentially growing this clients business and also changing and modernizing the entire $15 million annual bike rental industry in Central Park and Columbus Circle, NYC.

He asked me to run the business as if it were my own. And, I did just that. In my tenure there, we changed the New York City bike rental industry forever, and that is not hyperbole.

In the office I built highly-profitable ecommerce websites, dominated the competition on Google for organic SEO, and developed profitable and influential key industry partnerships in NYC ‘s tourism industry.

Mark Derho Executive Consultant records and removes the bike hustlers from Central Park, NYC.

Implementing strategies I’d learned in Naval Warfare School, we put “boots on the ground”  to win the fight in the streets, and in the park, and in the press. We hired the NYPD Paid Detail Program as professional armed and uniformed security to protect myself and our staff, and our financial interests in Central Park.

The day after winning the RFP for exclusive bike rental in Central Park, I/we set-out to remove (or if necessary) incarcerate the dangerous bike hustlers in Columbus Circle and around Central Park. 

I personally recorded the Central Park Bike Hustlers daily with phones and cameras security cameras and GoPro’s in order to expose thier illegal behavior to the police, and provide/leverage exposure on TV and in the local newspapers. I literally have hours of action video of me physically standing them down, and personally challenging them to comply with the law or face the consequences that I would make sure came to fruition. 

BTW, I shot this all of this video personally.

Mark Derho in Navy

United States Navy

BLD BTR is a Veteran-owned business. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Puerto Rico Mark Derho


Mark Derho.

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