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We're a small business Digital Marketing Agency that has proven to be successful by quantifiably growing client' businessess.


Project Management

Proven-successful Executive Project and Management Consulting available to local businesses in Puerto Rico.

Meet the business’ technology and growth needs while avoiding hiring a high-cost permanent executive employee and paying a premium wage plus benefits.

Consider project-based consulting with a proven professional growth-hacker to accomplish your business and technology goals

Every BLD BTR website, product or campaign requires and receives project management and oversight by Mark Derho.

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Website Design

BLD BTR builds better modern Responsive mobile-first websites by design. Build the best website and presence for your business on the Internet.

We build mobile-first high-performing modern CMS websites feature Responsive Design and unlimited functionality. Our websites feature top technologies to create user engagement and measure traffic and demographics while driving lead generation.

BLD BTR is a digital marketing agency that also builds IoT-based Applications, Mobile Apps and Custom Web Applications.

SEO On-Page Optimization

Implement modern SEO-strategies with the help of an experienced and talented small business digital marketing agency. Google and all search engines use algorithms to measure and rank (SERP) pages. They “see” websites differently than we do, unless we use professional tools. It’s critical to optimize the content of your website for search. Grow your business with professional SEO research and planning and realize more value from your website.  Generate qualified leads. Measure website traffic and demographics. Strategically compete for page rank on Google.
Content Creation

Content Creator

BLD BTR Content Creator’s will tell the story of your business or product or service with clear relevant words and dynamic sound and images and animation and video.

English | Spanish | Russian translation.

Content succeeds when it delivers what viewers seek or expect, and sometimes when unveiling the unexpected! Professional copy writing is available for websites and blogs and articles or technical or user documentation.

A great content creator will take your ideas and turn them into valuable messaging that will grow your business. Creatively translate your goals as a brand into a content marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency

We implement technology-driven common sense strategies and techniques to drive sales conversions and ROI for clients. Develop strategies and the path for digital marketing programs that perform and gain maximum market share in the digital world and your local community.

Our comprehensive digital marketing programs include SEO, social media, email, press release and attention to reputation and influencers.  

What does success look like and how do we measure that? Through keyword and competitor research, audience targeting, and definition of  KPI’s and intuitive goals.

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Graphic Design

This digital marketing agency will creates high-concept brands and beautiful imagery that is unique to your business and consistent.

We provide professional graphic design for everything from print to websites to email to presentations to video and more.

BLD BTR Graphic Designers implement popular bold and modern “Flat 2D” graphic design

What is visual makes an intellectual and emotional impact. Trends change but good design endures and is transmogrified by technology.


Video & Marketing

Video & Marketing

YouTube is the #1 channel for video marketing and the 2nd largest search engine after mighty Google itself. Yet many small businesses think of videos and marketing as an afterthought or expensive luxury.

BLD BTR video creation and marketing is powerful and not necessarily expensive, yet delivers ROI.

Video animation is cost-friendly and fun and can “take the edge off”. Explainer videos are trending and are often inexpensive to make. Animation and moving images and music are “all the rage”, get started today.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising

Google Partner trained in PPC advertising and specializing in Google AdWords (now Google Ads). BLD BTR strategically and successfully creates and manages Google Ads.

We study big-brand strategies to create a “lean” plan for effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns that drive and deliver measurable leads and increased website traffic.

Paid advertising also compliments organic SEO strategies by testing keywords and driving traffic to landing pages on your website.


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