Mobile Outdoor Advertising Billboard w/ Bicycle

bike + frame & Your Promotion

Outdoor Advertising Billboard + Bicycle Campaigns are a low-cost effective Geo-targeted marketing option that gets immediate results and attention. This is a simple practical sense marketing strategy, and proven successful world-wide. Outdoor Advertising Billboard + Bicycle Campaigns are effective and will fit your budget. This innovative marketing product is brought to Puerto Rico specifically with budget-conscious small businesses that rely on tourism in mind.


Mobile Outdoor Advertising Billboard w/ Bicycle

All bike + frame campaigns include timed use of the bicycle and frame. The bike is a premium hybrid, or upgrade is available to the Beach Cruiser.

Bike & Rider + 4ft x 6ft Display Frame

This is simple, effective and proven marketing. We take your  your advertising billboard (and your business messaging) with a Call to Action to outdoor parks and attractions with high foot-traffic. Offer coupons and incentives  and include an online response to your specific campaign to measure performance.

Additional Bicycle Billboard Advertising Campaign Options

  • Brand Ambassador in our uniform or a uniform you provide
  • Graphic and Electronic Design
  • Printing of mobile display and marketing materials
  • GPS Tracking and Campaign Reporting
  • Street Teams Trained and results-driven (Salary + Commission)
  • Digital Marketing Agency Services (Strategy, Creative and Content)
  • Bicycles: 3-Speed Beach Cruiser or 7-Speed Hybrid

Smart Outdoor Billboard Advertising for Puerto Rico

Proven Effective Marketing and Promotion Strategy
The strategy of advertising on billboards pulled by bicycles has already proven-successful in every major city in the world. Combine your bicycle billboard advertising campaign with a trained and uniformed street-team (with coupon or call-to-action) – ideal for direct sales and fundraising success. Bike advertising creates smiles and captures the immediate attention of people in the area where your business operates.

bike + frame Mobile Display Advertising

Bike ads are a cost-effective and proven Mobile Display Advertising option for small businesses. The bike + frame can be either constantly moving or parked and angled-against foot traffic to provide the greatest number of impressions. You can choose the route or destinations, and supported by our marketing research. Accurate targeted-marketing and professional and technical accountability through tracking and reporting guarantees that your message is received, and your prospects and goals are reached.

Light It Up – bike + frame

The bike + frame may brightly decorated with a variety of white or colored lights as an add-on option. Great for night-time events and businesses located in areas with high-foot traffic, like La Placita, Old San Juan and Condado. Your colorful promotion or message is seen brightly in the night, and therefore your prospects and goals are reachable. Please note that Riders wear reflective vests for all night engagements, and bikes have front and rear lights and reflectors and bells for safety.